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As Berlin based independent product lead, ux and growth-strategist, entrepreneur and fulltime working mom I help organisations of all sizes to exceed their goals, making the product the center of their business strategy.

Hi I'm Anne

an inspirational product leader with 12+ years of experience in building & scaling products and services used by leading companies including Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes, eBay, Allianz and many more. I’m a people person with strong customer focus. A reputation for delivering outstanding results.

With my passion for building outstanding experiences, products, and services I'm searching for ambitious organisations that want to build a product-centric organization, and scale their products’ success.

Let's build better products together

Product-led growth
Product-Led Growth

Launch products that drive hypergrowth

using product-led growth

Product-centric organizations don’t just have higher customer satisfaction ratings; they scale faster, all while spending a fraction on acquisition costs. Let me help you turning users into happy, paying customers.

Don’t risk your product & features fall short:

  • Deliver meaningful customer value immediately
  • Move your customer from conversion to expansion
  • Build habit-forming experiences your customers fall in love with
  • Use evidence instead of heated debates on what to launch next
Product-Led Culture

Make your organization thrive

with a product and purpose-driven culture

Product-Led Growth means that every team in your business influences the product. By having every team focused on the product, you create a culture that is built around enduring customer value.

Get all hands on deck:

  • Formulate a cohesive yet inspiring vision, strategy, and roadmap
  • Build and run agile, self-pushing cross-functional product teams
  • Develop space for collaboration and personal growth
  • Grow relationships and foster company-wide collaborations
  • Respect joy and exploration as the primary source for innovation
Design sprint
Human-centered design
UX Design

Win your customers’ hearts

through applied empathy

Building product-led growth means prioritizing your customers experience in everything you do: your product, pricing, marketing, customer engagement and even buying experience. An incredible human user experience inevitably leads to faster growth, greater customer expansion and best-in-class retention. Combining deep customer empathy and experiment driven design will make your products and services thrive.

While methods change within our fast-paced environment, my focus on humans remains constant.

  • Work with the most advanced methods & frameworks
  • Gain a deep understanding of your customers' “jobs to be done.”
  • Discover unfulfilled needs, hopes dreams and wishes
  • Boost your customer's engagements, retention, and happiness
  • Accelerate your company’s revenue and equity growth
Let’s work together

My services are scalable — how big is your ambition?

Hands-On Product Consulting

2—4 weeks

Do you have trouble keeping all balls in the air? Do you have the feeling that you are missing critical insights? Are you running out of time? Your product roadmap is not clear enough, or you need more growth?

As a freelance product consultant, I can help you to:

  • Develop a growth-driven product roadmap
  • Install the right metrics
  • Optimize your customer onboarding
  • Grow activation, engagement & retention
  • Achieve so much more

Don’t risk your products to fall short of your ambitions!

Enhance your product team through high intensity, time-boxed engagement.

Product Ownership (Interim)

2—6 months

The economy is subject to fluctuations. Do you have a staff shortage that needs to be filled temporarily as soon as possible? I can be your (interim) product owner or team lead and drive your team the way you need it.

As an interim product owner, I can help you to:

  • Assemble your winning product team
  • Launch new products, features, and MVPs
  • Align your key stakeholders
  • Install an engaging product culture
  • Achieve so much more

Don’t risk to be too late.

Get a hands-on 15+ years experienced product lead and start rolling out your products and services today.

Product-Centric Training

1—150 days

Let me take you on a unique learning journey.

Product-led culture

Foundation: Build better products & services. Faster. Using Google’s Design Sprint.

You want to take the pressure off of your team. Design sprints are just perfect for establishing more agile and innovative methodologies into your culture while exploring new business opportunities for growth.

Product-led growth

Bootcamp: Let’s accelerate success with products that drive growth.

You want to find out how you can have higher customer satisfaction ratings and scale faster while spending a fraction of acquisition costs? Here is your path to product-led growth.

Join thousands of successful product-led companies and become product-driven.

Featured Work


Creating the future of work together

Role: Chief Product Owner / Product Lead

  • Organization - Built up a product-centric collaborative environment
  • Growth - Grew a community of 100.000 creative professionals
  • ROI - Increased profitability through updated and more tailored products
  • UX - Relaunched interfaces, profiles and onboarding process

Let’s get started in less than 1 hour

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Your story

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Being a good listener, I want to fully understand your organization’s purpose, current strategy, pressing needs.


The challenge

~ 20 minutes

Based on your crucial challenge, let’s find out how and if my approach and services can help.


My mission

~ 15 minutes

If it’s a match, we will set trackable goals, and off we go. If not, no worries, we'll stay in touch.

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